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The National Coordinating Center for the Regional Genetics Networks (NCC) is pleased to develop and share resources related to genetics policy across the U.S. Within the hub, you can find the latest legislation and regulation at the state and federal level, latest information on Medicaid coverage policy, information about specific policy topics and related to policy statements from national organizations, and much more!

Interested in a general genetics policy topic such as whole exome sequencing or a policy related to a specific condition? Use the search bar above to find information related to proposed legislation/regulation, Medicaid coverage policy, policy statements, events, and general resources.

Our Resources

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Genetics Policy Areas

Interested in exploring how policy affects genetics patients and providers? In the Policy Area of our website, we provide a brief overview of why a specific topic (ex. newborn screening) is important to the delivery of genetics care, how policy affects the topic area, and share position statements from national organizations on the policy area.

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Proposed Legislation/Regulation

Did you know that almost daily there is a piece of legislation or regulation introduced in the United States related to genetics? Policies range from coverage of specific genetic tests or services to supporting educational programs about genetic conditions. Explore what your state is currently considering by visiting our interactive map.

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Medicaid Coverage of Genetic Services

Do you want to know what your state’s Medicaid program covers related to genetic services? Updated yearly, our Medicaid database includes general coverage criteria, coverage of specific genetic tests, and coverage of specific services, such as medical foods. The database collects publicly available information from each state Medicaid program.

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Latest Genetics Policy Events

Many organizations, including NCC, hold events that relate to genetics policy. Find the next webinar, meeting, social media event, or more by checking out our calendar of activities.

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Legislative, Insurance, and Finance Tracking Newsletter

Would you prefer to receive updates about genetics policy to your inbox? NCC publishes the Legislative, Insurance, and Finance Tracking (LIFT) Newsletter tri-annually with the latest updates on federal legislation, as well as policy resources developed by NCC and other organizations that are helpful to the genetics community.

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